Jo (jasix) wrote,


Shouldn't be online right now, so I'll make this quick.

School's been better than I expected. Am very glad to see all my friends again ^_^ I made a new friend today, actually. Well, I made lots of new friends -- Paula (Maria Paula. . we haff the same second first name XD), Christine, and. . . um. . . other people. (My memory sucks Oo) . . . Buuut the one that really sticks to mind right now ish my new friend Kristine, who I met when we were chattering around in Gym class. Heh. =D And speaking of gym class, they weighed and took our heights today. I'm still 5'5", but I gained two pounds. . . *dies* Of course, it was just about two hours after lunch, and my shoes were heavy, so blah. And who cares anyways?

. . . In other news, I want a new AIM s/n. Wow. I'm sorry to everybody who hates me getting new s/ns, but dudes. . . you don't haff to add me, y'know? Just talk to me. No need for adding.

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