Jo (jasix) wrote,


Today will be dedicated to. . . school. Omigod. School, yes.

School starts tomorrow, so today we dedicate all our time to doing schoolwork and suck. Let me make a list for me.

- Finish Summer Reading
- Do Summer Reading Packet
- Pack up book bag
- Clean. . . house?
- Clear out my table. Wahhh. . .

Er, yeah. That's all I think. *bangs head* Why why whyyy. . . . Man, if anyone of you you were at the same school as me, it'd be a whole lot easier, y'know? I envy digi_spots and rookafella for having each other at the same school. So gosh darned lucky for having a net-literate best friend =\ . . .

Ehh. Sitting Ducks is on. Ciao.
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