Jo (jasix) wrote,

Stolen from neon_marker


Name: Jo

Age: 12

Sex: Girl

Birthday: November 5, 1990

Hair colour (natural): Black

Eyes: Dark dark dark dark brown. . .

Height: 5'5" the last time I checked, which was half a year ago. . .

Weight: 125 lbs! Last time I checked. Which was yesterday after lunch =D

Braces: Supposed to get them sometime. Maybe next summer. Noooo.


Jewelry: Nada. Unless you count a necklace that I wear sometimes.

Fashion sense: Baggy pants, white shirt. Baggy shirt, carpenter pants. Black shorts, white shirt, black vest. Uhh. . . I'd say I have no fashion sense XP But I match though. Always.


Personality: Er. . .bi-polar?

Weird habits: I tend to break into random outbursts of song or corny 70s dance. I mean, just yesterday I did that "point to the upper right ceiling, then to the lower left floor while shaking your hips" thinger when the Pokemon theme song came on.

When you enter a crowded room or party, you: I sit and watch TV with my friends. . .or family. . . Oo


Deepest desire (If -nothing- was holding you back): Hells, I'd go buy everything I've ever wanted, and get everything I've ever wanted. All the comics, manga, books, CDs, laptops. . . you know, fulfill my shallow pre-teen values. . .

Goals (long term, short term..): Graduate highschool with honors, go to college with full scholarships. . . get a life?

What do you wear to bed?: Pajamas. Sometimes a shirt and shorts if I'm feeling too lazy to look through my whole closet.

How far have you "gone?" You know what I mean..: Still standing on home plate. Will be standing on home plate. For a looooong, long time.

(pick one)

Pacey/Dawson: I don't know who Pacey is. So Dawson.

morning/night: Night. Except, well, I'm scared of being alone in the dark. . . Oo

short/tall: Tall.

snow/rain: Rain

live/deadjournal: livejournal

Work/play: play

black/white: Black. White is overrated.

mac/pc: PC. Always been.

cd player/radio: CD Player. That way you can be a crazy mofo singing out of tune while people stare at you and wonder if you're menal =D

aim/msn: AIM. MSN is too. . . different.


cyb3r?: Huh? (. . .no.)

fandom?: Harry Potter. X-Men. Various anime. ETC. (In short: Si.)

have a personal site?: YES! Go look: -

**do you plug shamelessly?: Er, well. . . not always without shame, yanno?

kazaa?: . . . Don't you dare mention that evil spawn of satan who has plaqued my computer with spyware pop ups. . . . (KAZAA LITE ish the bomb diggity, though)

aim?: Hell yes.

msn?: Sometimes.

neopets?: Rarely, but it used to be the center of my online life. . . =3 (spelldome/paranoidofanysound/chianger_banger/thelostnlonely)

roleplay?: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.


what's in your cd player right now?: Meteora - Linkin Park

who have to seen in concert?: No. One. *dies*

favorite bands?: Westlife, A1, The Calling, Weezer, The Starting Line, Wakefield, Less Than Jake, The All-American Rejects, etc.

pick a lyric, any lyric: We got older but we're still young / We never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up ~ Best of Me by The Starting Line
favorite american idol contestant (any season): Clay Aiken. Oh, wait, no. I like Kelly Clarkson better. XP</lj>

All done. *patters off*

I want a free Ragnarok Online Server. Anyone know any good ones? =\
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